Based in Rennes, France

Founding date:
June 1, 2018


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3 rue Louis Blériot
35235 Thorigné-Fouillard

(+33) 06 33 76 23 26


A Comfortable Burden is a game about "mental load", a concept that refers to the weight of household chores on an individual's unconscious. Through the daily life of a cute otter couple, the player takes care of the organization and management of housework. Progressing in this lovely-looking game and story of this seemingly ideal couple, some imbalances start to appear. The player faces the unsuspected disparity in this couple and the consequences of these inequalities.



The game comes from the idea of discussing and staging various social themes (feminism, LGBTQIA+) in a video games series called Nuances. Sweet Love, a game about moral harassment within a couple, marital rape and femicides, was the first in this series and initiated this concept. As for A Comfortable Burden, its concept comes from the observation of the extent of the mental load, experienced by some members of the studio.


OtterWays is a French independent video game studio initially founded by Aline Bardou. It recently grew bigger and the team now is made of four people. They seek to create games involving engaging gameplay mechanics, to discuss topics from daily life and social issues, through innovative narrative and game design tools. They want to connect entertainment and social values through sharing engaged messages in play to a broad and diverse audience.



Trailer of A Comfortable Burden YouTube


A Comfortable Burden - Female otter 1.png
A Comfortable Burden - Otters launch screen.png
A Comfortable Burden - Otters holding hands.png
A Comfortable Burden - Male otter 1.png
A Comfortable Burden - Male otter 2.png
A Comfortable Burden - Female otter 3.png
A Comfortable Burden - Male otter 3.png
A Comfortable Burden - Female otter 2.png

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Aline Bardou
Game design, Scenario, Production

Blanche Maurice
Level Design, Development

Céline Pantalouf
Graphic Design, Animation, UI

Rauana Roupsard
Development intern

Florïn Zolli
Art direction, Graphic Design

Laura Dolo
Communication and Marketing

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