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OtterWays is an independent video game studio that promotes free and open-source software. We support community creation and develop games that carry social values important to us.


The philosophy of free and open-source software is the very essence of the studio. This encourages sharing, collective and community creation, between studios but also with players. We also ensure the application of ethical values such as tolerance, ecology, respect.


We attach great importance to the making of video games that carry meaning, thinking while sometimes being dreamlike.

Between explorations, questioning, riddles and discoveries, we offer you unique introspective experiences.

Strong values drive us and we want to pass them on our games. We believe that a game can lead to thinking, becoming aware of some situations, facts and changing mentalities.

The possibility of playing a character, of immersing yourself in a story allows us to offer you a memorable and original adventure. One which will make a lasting impression on you both as a player and as an individual.

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What if you didn't have to worry about the code? Our team can support you in many projects according to your needs.

Web & Android: Java, Kotlin, PHP, HTML/CSS, MySQL, jQuery, Symfony 5

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A stroke of a pencil (or stylus!) to bring your projects to life. Whether for illustrations, concept art, 2D or 3D graphics, our team will satisfy you with bespoke creations!

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What's that? The behavioral study of humans and animals, of course! This makes the producing of a believable video game world possible, thanks to a fauna but also individuals with more realistic behaviors.