Aline - CEO
She / her
Passionate developer, committed feminist and convinced ecologist (psst but also an insatiable tea drinker).
Kévin - Ethologist
He / him
Sherlock Holmes of animals, lost in the video game jungle, he found his way here, watching over the depiction of wildlife!
Céline - 2D/3D Artist
She / her
Coming from the Jollydream galaxy, she is seeking the Alchemagic of Colors. Her imagination is unusual!
Laura - Community manager
She / her
Metalhead, druidess in training and explorer. She wanders off to the four corners of video games' lands.


Because our games are made with love and passion thanks to our talented members!

Here, we operate in a caring, understanding and inclusive environment.

But OtterWays is also made up of former employees, external contributors, friends and family.

For this, we would like to thank them for their support and help, because they made this adventure possible.

Want to join us? Apply just here!


We also collaborated with Florïn, Sélène, Rrrose, Louis Godart in the making of our various games.

We thank them for their work. Don't hesitate to have a look at what they are working on !