Our very first big free-licensed video game in production: Fold Stories. Made on Godot Engine, you play as a sheet of paper in an origami world.

Messages, bits of history are scattered on your path. It's up to you to rebuild the link that unites the protagonists and understand what happened.

The sheet evolves! During your multiple encounters with origami animals, you will learn to fold like them and to transform yourself into a bat, a rabbit, a frog... These metamorphoses allow you to acquire different capacities and a unique perception of the world!

Fold Stories is a 2D metroidvania in which the character cannot die and doesn't fight. The emphasis is on the narrative part and makes it possible to address very various themes from love, friendship to depression and exclusion by discussing LGBT+ issues such as homosexuality and homophobia.

Download the game (playable demo on


But we're also working on a series of mini-games that are really dear to us, "Nuances".

Particularly relevant and very sensitive, we tackle feminist, LGBT + and discriminatory themes with realism, sincerity but also poetry.

Sweet Love

This is the very first game in this series, a minimalist platformer. Strong themes are depicted there and take on their full extent in the sobriety of the game: moral harassment within a couple, marital rape and feminicides.

The game has 20 small levels. It was made in a week on Godot Engine.

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The income from Sweet Love is donated to Women in Games France.

A Comfortable Burden

The second opus of this series is a time management game. This time, we are presenting the notion of the domestic "mental load", a concept that refers to the weight of household chores on an individual's unconscious.

Live through the cohabitation of this ordinary couple and their daily life. Take care of the accommodation by playing both the man and the woman, take care of the kids, do the housework in the allotted time...

Jump in this colorful, cute and intense game!

The game has 15 levels and developed on Godot.

Download the game

Half the income is donated to Women in Games France.