banniere origami
Otterways is currently developing its first major video game under a free license, Fold Stories, using Godot engine. In the game, you play as a sheet of paper in a world entirely made of origami. The goal is to pick up all the messages scattered through the levels and to understand the link that binds the various characters together. In order to do so, origami animals will teach you how to fold like them, so as to turn yourself into a bat, a rabbit, a frog, etc. and by doing so, acquire abilities and a unique perception of your surroundings !

Fold Stories is a 2D fightless metroidvania, in which your character cannot die. The game strongly focuses on the story and allows you to explore various themes, such as love, friendship, depression, exclusion, LGBT+ issues (e.g: homosexuality, homophobia).

You can currently play a prototype on (Windows, Mac and Linux versions are available) and follow the development of the game on RedBricks

logo Sweet Love
Sweet Love is a minimalist platformer which focuses on strong themes, such as psychological bullying within a couple, conjugal rape and femicide. The game consists of 10 short levels and can be played on a web browser. It was made in a week on Godot Engine.